Generation PP: research tips from TED

Written by Maria Zheleznova
TEDx organizers (those promoting the project and preparing its conferences around the world) are constantly looking for new ideas and speakers. And most importantly, they are very often looking for these speakers among scientists who publish their research and articles in various scientific journals and platforms. That is why for those who have ever wondered whether to try themselves as a TED-speaker, publication in a scientific journal is a great opportunity to take the first step towards this.

The essence of each TED-talk is to share with the audience a new, unique idea that no one has ever thought of before. And the research that you conduct to publish in a scientific journal can be an excellent base.

The organizers of the TED platform have prepared some tips with those who are eager to share their ideas within the project. Perhaps these tips will be useful to those who want to be published in "Generation PP".
Ask new questions to existing phenomena and opinions.

At the stage of creating your theme, try to focus on something completely new, which no one has spoken about before. Do not strengthen existing installations, but change them.
Think about what is important in your university / city / country.

Are there any innovative approaches in your community that you would like to develop, share with the world? At the same time, imagine how you can present these thoughts in the most creative and exciting form.
While searching for a topic, read local newspapers, Internet articles and other sources, and communicate with other interested groupmates / friends.

Notice the ideas and topics that occur most often, and ponder them from different angles. This will lead you to a new direction of these thoughts, you will find some completely new branch in them - and you will want to share this.
We hope we inspired you to start your research! Do not be afraid to try something new, because this is how previously unknown talents are revealed. Each of us can contribute to the development of this world, science in particular, and you have a great opportunity to take this path!