Keep calm and use SWOT: classical methods of analysis

Author: Alina Dmitrieva
Every text has two components. External component - is the division of text into paragraphs in case to make the work look nice and comfortable for readers. Internal component – is the meaning and the judgment logic.

Logic plays an important role in the research. What does the author normally do? He tries to make his text so understandable for a reader that the main point would always be clear. But not everybody thinks about another way of writing:

to make your text understandable for yourself
To do so, you should choose the most appropriate method of analysis, which will help to improve your work. Today we would like to tell you about SWOT method.

For instance: you have a theory to analyse and you want to apply it to Russia. Where to begin?

Begin with S
S = strength
What features of the country perfectly fit the points of the theory? What features of the theory sufficiently explain the processes in the country? The more aspects a theory can explain, the stronger it is.

Then W.
W = weakness
It is not always possible to explain something with absolute accuracy, and therefore there are probably some details left that are not covered by the theory. They would be its weak sides.

After that go O & T
O = opportunities

T = threats
Imagine that the theory, which you applied for Russia, will work in this country. If the theory explains some processes, then, if you look in a future, you can see some negative and positive consequences. They would be your O and T.

This simple analysis model has long been saving everyone who writes texts: from journalists to scientists. Perhaps you will find it quite useful too for building logic in your work.