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New edition - GPP 2022
Political participation and public administration: factors, approaches and current directions
About civic education and patriotic upbringing
We have analysed the work of Maksim Borisenko. Take a look to know, what works were sent to us by novice scholars few years ago.
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Tiny text with a huge meaning
We give some clues, making annotation writing easier, and help you understand why this part of an article does matter.
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Keep calm and use SWOT
We will tell you about common analysing technique, which could be implemented in your research.
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About our Journal

…"Generation PP" is a periodical with researches of undergraduates and junior scholars. We give an opportunity for publications in the peer-to-peer reviewed journal for all, who are interested in researches. The focus of our journal is public policy studies, but we also welcome cross-disciplinary research…

Why publishing is beneficial?

  • 1
    Valuable feedback
    Each student's work would be submitted to dual review, proceeded by experts. Then every student receives feedback, written by a professor. So, one would know the strengths and weaknesses of the work.
  • 2
    Approved publication
    Our journal has all the required docs and registration in the bank of citing, which means that your work would be an official scientific article, which can be referenced by other scientists.
  • 3
    A serious periodical
    This journal is created on the basis of the National Research University Higher School of economics, carry its weight and would help you to apply to an MA degree in any University of your dream.
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