Borisenko M.: Civic education and patriotic upbringing: comparison of approaches

Reviewer: Nikita Sidorov
Today we want to examine a small article by Maksim Borisenko, called "Civic education and patriotic upbringing: comparison of approaches".

Basic idea of this paper is to explain the phenomenon of "civic education" and compare it to the patriotic one. This research would be helpful for all junior scholars, who interested in educational issues, and its connection to patriotism.
Moreover, from our point of view, this study is well-structured and organized, which is important if you want to have your paper being published. In the article you may see a comprehensive interpretation of "civic education" as a phenomenon; also, author themselves explains this issue, which is more applicable for authoritarian regimes.

Unfortunately, we could not find a particular definition of "patriotic upbringing" (the article is more a draft to the more extensive research, the accent is shifted to the understanding of civic education). Also, in the research one can find a detailed explanation of the pollical culture.

In the course of the study, author refers to such pillars of political science as Carl Deutsch, Ronald Inglehart and Gabriel Almond, which makes this work more attractive. To mention separately, there are interesting classification of types of civic education, represented in axes, which looks quite newly.